Seidor Analytics brings you

Seidor Clarity, the out-of-the-box suite of reports

designed specifically for SAP Business One customers, offering extremely cost-effective, real-time,
interactive reporting to help you optimise your business.


within a few weeks

Key business area reporting

sales, inventory and finance


high-value reporting

Who needs Seidor Clarity?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions then you
need Seidor Clarity…

  • Do you spend hours each month manually updating reports?
  • Do you struggle to unlock valuable insight from your existing information systems?
  • Is it a hassle to share the right reports to the right audience on time?
  • Do report users struggle to determine what to do next after viewing existing reports?
  • Do your existing reports lack the “punch” and “pizzazz” that make your audience want to keep looking?

How does it work?

  • Seidor Clarity’s accessible, out of the box reporting offers value to SQL and HANA implementations alike.
  • Source data automatically retrieved daily from SAP Business One.
  • Seidor Clarity provides a full suite of reports, broken down into four areas:
  • Finance (General Ledger, Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet)
  • Sales (revenue and quantity, as well as gross profit and margin for products, top customers, top products, top sales reps, etc.)
  • Stock and Purchasing (slow stock, order history, average consumption, days in inventory, critical stock items, etc.).
  • Seidor Clarity provides a full suite of reports, accessible through:
  • SAP Business One
  • Outlook
  • Seidor Clarity portal
  • Mobile devices

How much does Seidor Clarity cost?

A low once-off installation fee and an affordable monthly subscription make Seidor Clarity an extremely cost-effective Business Intelligence solution.

Please contact us to arrange for a demo and we will quote based on your particular requirements.

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•  Designed for SAP Business One customers

•  Interactive reporting

•  Effortless implementation

•  Full suite of reports

•  Cost effective

•  Mobile ready