Business Intelligence solutions
through training

Our training is focused on the most crucial and impactful aspects of BI, thereby ensuring that you become self-sufficient in the shortest time possible.

Our various courses are a combination of theory as well as practical examples that cover the ideal blend of: 

  • Data Preparation (using Power Query to shape your data, and to mash-up all sorts of data sources);
  • Data Modelling (using DAX – Data Analysis Expressions – to create relationships between your various data sources and perform maths on your data) and;
  • Data Visualisation (using PowerPivot or Power BI to author reports and dashboards and then share/publish them).


Power BI Training  |  Microsoft BI Training  |  Dax Training

Training is focused on enabling Finance Managers, Business Owners and Information Systems specialists to jump-start the journey toward maximising the usage, performance and benefits of Microsoft’s Self-Service Business Intelligence products.

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